After lots of unresolved problems from pain in my back, buttocks, and thigh and unsuccessful referrals to Physio    Therapist and Chiropractors the treatments I received made no significant difference. The Matrix Rhythm Therapy treatment carried out after just one session made Pain-free and more mobile, I feel that if I have more treatment I will benefit long term, I felt relaxed and mobile the following day.                             

Mrs K  (taster session)

I had problems with my neck and shoulders due to spondylosis, I am having matrix rhythm therapy treatment and  starting to feel the benefit and feeling much much better.

Mr W , Cheshire

I have had chronic back, hip & leg pain for over twenty years. I now also have pains down my leg and a constant numb foot. It has got gradually worse as the years have gone by with peaks of pain when two separate discs collapsed, once 14 years ago and a second one 18 months ago. This pain has completely controlled my life and over the past 18 months I have had to use a walking stick 100% of the time and when out for shopping I have needed a wheelchair. I now have an automatic car, do most of my shopping online and all the jobs around the house for vacuuming, ironing, washing, cleaning and cooking have all been done by my husband and my two teenage boys. My sleep pattern was rubbish, mostly because of the pain but also because of the medication I have been taking. If I did any sort of activity in the day, I needed to try and sleep in the afternoon just to function and night sleep was broken where I could only manage 45 minutes at a time. As for personal care, I needed help getting in and out of the bath, putting on my shoes and socks and getting up and down the stairs.


I started Matrix Rhythm Therapy on 2nd of January 2018, did not really know what to expect. At first, I could not even lie on the table on my front so I had to sit leaning forward. My therapist worked along my spine and initially I struggled to even let her put any pressure on me because it was painful and I was constantly jumping with her touch. After only 4 sessions I was able to lie on the table on my front and could feel that the pain had moved further down and I was feeling less pressure and more flexibility.


Alongside the treatment she suggested I drank more water, herbal teas, eat fresh fruit, vegetables and less gluten products, also to stop drinking any carbonated drinks. She also gave me some light exercises to do at home.


Now I am nearly two months on. I do not use my walking stick unless I am walking a distance, the leg pain and numb foot only come on after walking a distance. I do not need any help with personal care and I am now doing much more around the house. Matrix Rhythm Therapy has completely changed my life. It has given me a better quality of life, I have my independence back, I am reducing my medication and the pain is so much less.


I am not there yet, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mrs J,  Northwich

I can have quite strong migraines. Even when I take painkillers, they do not help. Usually, I would wait for up to two days for them to go away.


This time, I thought, I try the Matrix treatment. I felt dizzy and pain of my migraine felt quite strong. When Didem used the Matrix on my head, I could literally feel muscle after muscle relax. It was an extra ordinary feeling.


After the treatment  it took me five minutes to realise that my migraine had completely disappeared. I definitely would recommend this treatment.

Mrs T, Northwich

I just wanted to pass on a HUGE thank you to Matrix Rhythm Therapy team and especially to Didem.

It’s apparent that this company is trying to set itself apart from other providers of massage therapy etc and it’s excellent to see. 

I have got two boys that I can say “two troublemakers” Older one is 3,5 years old and the younger one is 6 months old. As you can guess, they make me tired all day/night long. I was in pain in my neck, right shoulder & back for 3-4 months. So I started to have this therapy and I was amazed by the result starting from the first session.

I feel so much better now and thank you very much for your all help,  best guidance and great treatment ever!!
I highly recommend it!!!

Mrs S, Northwich


Didem was gentle and caring during the massage. She asked for feedback or pressure and whether I am comfortable or not. She was careful in covering me appropriately. I enjoyed the massage and felt relaxed afterwards. Happy to have more.

In my second time with Didem, she was equally as good. She managed to do it more flowy. I was totally relaxed at the end. I am happy with her approach to my privacy and careful handling of my body.

Mrs O, Northwich​

It was really relaxing. Firm hands with just the right pressure. Didem listened to me and kept checking. Really helped with my stiffness.

Mrs J, Northwich

Very relaxing. The pressure was good throughout. I particularly enjoyed the face massage on the cheeks and eyebrows.

Mrs J, Stockport​

Before,  I had pain in my back and shoulders. After, I enjoyed the massage. Didem asked me if the pressure was comfortable for me. She adjusted it to my needs. My back was much better afterwards.

Mrs T, Northwich

I was looking forward to this massage. I felt more relaxing the second time. I liked especially the front of legs, the back, and head massage.

Mrs T, Northwich​

Relaxing massage. The pressure was perfect! Especially enjoyed the scalp, neck and face massage. Wonderful way to end the treatment.Thank you!

Miss D, Warrington

Thank you very much for full body massage. It was amazing. All my knots were melted in your hands. I feel so relaxed. Especially my back and legs were loosened a lot. I feel rejuvenated and more active, energetic now.

Mrs S, Northwich​

It was amazing, so relaxing and Didem explained everything and made me very comfortable.

Mrs S, Northwich

The massage felt amazing! Released lots of tension in my upper back. Would recommend to friends and family!

Miss D, Warrington​

This is the first time I have had this done and I really enjoyed it. It is very relaxing and the lady was very good and talked to me through everything.

Mrs.D, Northwich

This was my first ever massage and was amazing! So relaxing. Will definitely be having more.

Mrs K, Northwich

Excellent massage. Very firm which was perfect and felt so relaxed throughout- near to falling asleep! Could not fault or criticize and would love to come back for another.

Mrs B, Wakefield

Wonderful first experience. Very enjoyable, feel relaxed. Especially enjoyed the back and shoulders and also the feet which I did not think I would like.

Mrs C, Northwich​

Great touch and the right pressure. Felt very relaxing after it is done.

Mrs A, Northwich

I am so happy with the treatment provided today. Thank you so much. You have really helped my back. Will be booking again. Amazing massage!

Miss K, Northwich​

I have never experienced such a wonderful treatment. The massage was absolutely amazing. I will definitely be back. Thank you!

Mrs S, Northwich

Absolutely loved my massage! Lovely lady and amazing massage, very gentle and made me feel very comfortable. Would definitely use again.

Mrs K, Northwich



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