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Matrix Rhythm Therapy Restores a Well-Functioning Lymphatic System to Treat Chronic Illnesses

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is one of the most powerful tools in restoring a well-functioning lymphatic system for the treatment of chronic illnesses.

The decisive importance of the lymphatic system for every aspect of health and disease has been underestimated. Alongside the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, the lymphatic system is an essential component of the body’s basic infrastructure. The well-being of every cell in the body depends on it, directly or indirectly. Not surprisingly, chronic diseases and conditions are most frequently - if not always - associated with malfunctions of the lymphatic system.

Restoring and maintaining a well-functioning lymphatic system must be a priority in any strategy for the treatment of chronic illnesses. The effectiveness of the Matrix Rhythm Therapy depends on a number of factors which act at different levels of the organism.

Strangely enough, the role of the lymphatic system as a “waste disposal system” has received relatively little attention in medical research and practice, compared to its other functions. Major disturbances of the lymphedema in some part of the body, are relatively easy to diagnose; but a systemic weakening of the lymphatic system’s waste disposal function-which often occurs without manifest lymphedema-is much more insidious and can have devastating effects on the organism. Inadequate disposal can lead to a great variety of symptoms, including symptoms that are not commonly attributed to a malfunction of the lymphatic system. Failure to recognise this fact is one reason why conventional treatments for chronic diseases so often fail to produce the desired results.

For the lymphatic system to function, it requires a pumping system to move fluid material from the extracellular matrix. It is important to emphasise the fundamentally rhythmical character of lymphatic pumping. The multitude of pumping mechanism provides various ways for the body to regulate, and if necessary, increase the volume of lymphatic flow, both on a local level and for the system as a whole.

Although hardly recognised today, there can be no doubt that the microvibrations of the skeletal musculature contribute in an essential way to the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system. The microvibrations exert a constant pumping action on the lymphatic capillaries.

A great variety of therapeutic methods have been developed to deal with malfunctions of the lymphatic system, with greatest attention being given to the treatment of lymphedema and promotion of lymph drainage in general.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe) can justly be regarded as a major breakthrough in this area. MaRhyThe occupies a unique position among treatments for conditions linked to lymphatic malfunction, among other things because it is the only approach which takes account of the physiological pumping functions of the 8-12 Hz microvibrations.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy operates on several different levels of organisation of the body at the same time. In contrast to this multilevel, multidimensional approach, other therapy methods often fail because they ignore one or the other essential dimensions of the disease process. As a result, the positive effect on one level is often blocked at another level.

Using a specially designed hand-held device-the Matrixmobil-the therapist applies gentle vibrational action to the body in the frequency range 8-12 Hz, which coincides that of the microvibrations of healthy skeletal musculature. Applied locally, the Matrixmobil generates mechano-magnetical waves propagating deep into the body.

matrix rhythm therapy for lymphatic system health
Left: MaRhyThe-apparatus; Middle: Magnetic field: Right: Specific harmonic wave form from the resonator, mechanically linked into the tissue

The immediate effect is to mimic, at a higher amplitude, the pumping effect of the musculoskeletal microvibrations on the arterial-venous and lymphatic microcirculation, while at the same time strengthening the spatial-temporal coherence of the microvibrations through the mechanism of entrainment. Sclerotic processes and the build-up of contraction residues greatly hamper the natural microvibrational activity of the skeletal musculature, in a self-aggravating manner.

Treatment with the Matrixmobil has proven uniquely effective in breaking this vicious circle, as demonstrated by more or less rapid and lasting improvements in the elasticity, perfusion and drainage of tissue.


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