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  • Didem Uruk

The Effectiveness of Matrix Rhythm Therapy in the Treatment of Diabetic Non-Healing Ulcer

Diabetic foot ulcer is a major complication of diabetes mellitus, occurring 15% of all patients with diabetes and precedes 84% of all lower leg amputations. Major increase in mortality among diabetic patients is considered to be due to the development of macro and micro vascular complications, including failure of the wound healing process.

Treatment of diabetes

A key feature of wound healing is stepwise repair of lost extracellular matrix (ECM). Non healing chronic diabetic ulcers are often treated with extracellular matrix replacement therapy, advanced moist wound therapy. No therapy is completely perfect as each type suffers from its own disadvantages.

A 67 years old elderly surgeon with known controlled diabetes mellitus for 20 years was presented with an ulcer measuring 1.5*1.0 centimetres over the dorsum of the left foot which was failed to heal for 8 months despite regular medications. It was treated with Matrixmobil on the posterior aspect of leg around the ulcer and dorsum of foot once a week an hour and this continued for next six consecutive weeks along with ankle exercise twice a week. Medications were discontinued prior to the study. Assessment was done every week prior to the treatment and serial photographs were taken. It was then followed up for three months.

After the first assessment ulcer showed signs of healing and granulation tissue was seen. After the fifth assessment the ulcer epithelised completely.

matrix rhythm therapy for ulcers

This single longitudinal study of six weeks showed that Matrix Rhythm Therapy can be another non-invasive, safe and effective modality in the treatment of Diabetic Non-Healing Ulcers.

The Matrix Rhythm Therapy is derived from the fundamental research of Dr. Randoll, in Germany. A basic kind of therapy based on the principle of readapting physiological resonance of musculoskeletal system at the cellular level. Hence, this method was put to test in the treatment of Diabetic Non-Healing Ulcer.


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